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You have arrived at huntingcamps.net; the ideal destination for Canada Whitetail deer, Moose, black bear, waterfowl await you here! Perhaps it is fast action shooting for Canada Geese, Canadian waterfowl hunting both puddlers and diver ducks. Fantastic upland game such as grouse hunting is had here as well. Hunting Camps provides you, your hunting friends all the information, photo’s and some Q & A’s to help answer questions, plan and book your next fantastic hunting trip!

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Lecuyer’s Canada Lodge is located in Canada’s finest hunting grounds. Nature has built what is truly a one of a kind hunting area. You couldn’t build it any better! Simply put, CANADA’S BEST ! This 5 star hunting lodge is located on the shores of Lake of the Woods. The largest lake next to the Canadian prairies. A natural lake built from the receding ice age over 10,000 years ago. Holding a million surface acres of water, over 14,000 islands and 65,000 miles of shoreline. Well over a million acres of land surround this water offering wildlife the very best in cover, as well as food supply. amidst all of this is where you’ll find some of the best!world’s

Whether your bow hunting, muzzle loader, shot gun or rifle. If your planing a hunt outing with your spouse, friends or group. Perhaps a corporate planner wanting a unique way to thank top buyers or reward your top team members. Hunting Camp has everything for you! Inside this site you will find helpful info into one of Canada’s World Class hunting camps! All Inclusive hunts with no surprises, ad – ons, easy to reach by plane or auto.

Waterfowl Hunting

Lake of the woods, Ontario, Canada host some of the finest Canadian duck hunting you’ll ever see. We are uniquely located, half way up the east central side of Lake of the Woods.

Countless shallow back water bays and ponds offer the largest mass of wild rice found on any lake in northwestern Ontario. Very large numbers of mallards, blue wing teal, wood ducks and black ducks nest in these area’s.

Located directly south of Hudson Bay and being one of the largest fresh water lakes next to the prairies we are the MAIN STAGING AREA for northern flights on their way south. No other lake can boast both the numbers and length of time the ducks will stay. We are a full day and nights flight from the far northern breeding and nesting grounds. Here they stop to feed on our lush food source, and preen for their continued flight south.

This is not a hit or miss situation! You’ll find no excuse’s here. We attract the northern flights of mallards, ring necks, bufflehead. Including major rafts of golden eye’s and blue bills. Our family has been in this area for over 75 year’s, and have catered to waterfowler’s since our lodge was first established in 1946. Having catered to hunters from around the world.

All our Pro Staff guides are professionally trained. We have ALL the equipment to insure you and your group a most successful hunting experience. Including several trained hunting dogs, over 800 decoy’s, military camo netting, duck boats with air cooled shallow drive engines, a fleet of canoes, giant bail blinds, fully equipped bird picking room, including our own duck plucking machines. We use 21 ft. boats with full tops to transport your group to the different hunting areas in the darkness. Powered by 150 h.p. Motors or better. We leave smaller 16 ft. boats with 25 hp. motors all over the lake to transfer your group up into the shallow back waters.

Major flights of ducks, The most experienced full trained and knowledgeable guides, Family run hunting lodge for over 65 years, Finest Equipment, Excellent accommodations, Finest north woods cuisine. ALL THIS ads up to, SIMPLY THE BEST HUNTING you and your group could possibly experience in Canada…

All your superb meals are catered around your groups schedule. For the Novice, we can help in instructing you in the basic fundamentals. From your basic personal outfitting needs, to learning different duck hunting techniques. Including, calls and calling, decoy patterns, hunting with different wind conditions, building the best layout blind, concealment and more. For the ardent experienced duck hunters, we can offer some excellent shooting in some of the most unique settings and with no crowds. Your dogs will have an excellent work out under different conditions. You will only need to bring your personal gear, guns, ammo, as we will provide all the rest in equipment and a hassle free environment.

As we run a very high rate of returning guest under this package, you should contact the lodge as soon as possible, for any limited opening for this year or to book for next years hunt.


Types of Ducks …

Blue and Green Wing Teal, Black Ducks, Mallards, Gadwall, Widgeons, Bluebills, Pintails, Greater Canada’s Buffleheads, Wood Ducks, Ringbills, Goldeneye

Guns …

12 Gauge / 20 Gauge modified & improved
choke & cylinder
Shot size … Heavy loads, non toxic shot only